The grand arrival of the new fire element hero [Lassard] brings a series of celebrations and exclusive levels!

A new version that comes with new adventure levels for a grand total of 10 new levels for the players to challenge.

In addition, the in-game pub system allows players to freely spar with heroes from other players. Players can utilize this opportunity in order to test out different heroes to gauge their strengths and weaknesses. Players can mix and match in order to find out the best combination that fits into their team in order to achieve victory.

[Newly added]
1) Added a new elf hero Lassard, new event, new weapons and summoning event.
2) Added new Boss dungeon - Demon King Commander in Chief.
3) Added new effects for costumes.
4) Added a new mainline task. 
5) Chapter 31-40 of the adventure level and challenge levels are opened.
6) New props synthesis system.
7) Added staying online rewards
8) Added dark element summoning event. 
9) Added giveaway event. 
10) Added a daily login event.
11) Added a veteran and newbies welcome package.
12) Added a new event to collect points to exchange for Lassard Hero shards.
13) New gift packages are available.
After three months of Closed Beta Testing, the R&D team has made the following adjustments to improve the overall quality of the game and adjust the subsequent hero values. 
► Adjustments are made to Heroes level as well as their respective equipment levels. The new max level has been adjusted to UR1. Players who owned UR2 heroes and weapons will have an adjustment made to them to avoid abnormal situations. 
Players who have participated in the CBT will have the following compensation distributed to them:
• Players with heroes and weapons above UR2 will be compensated with x3000 gems, Golds, UR Seedstones, UR Skill Stones, Element Skillstones.
• Players with heroes and weapons at UR1 will be compensated with 1000 gems. 
• All players will be compensated with 300 gems once the maintenance is completed. 
► Raid battle optimization
     - The amount of people needed to start a raid battle is reduced from 3 down to 2
     - The energy consumed to start a raid battle will be evenly distributed
     - Once the raid battle is completed, there is a chance to obtain weapon materials. 

► Beginner tutorial optimization
► Summon pool content interface display optimization
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