Maria has collected a FAQ of some frequently asked questions to help you in navigating through the game.

Here’s the list of answers to any problem you might encounter.

Q: What is the minimum device requirement?
A: For Android Users – Must have at least Android KitKat with at least 2GB RAM.
A: For iOS Users – At least iPhone 6 and above.

Q: Support Languages in this game?
A: There are Chinese, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese and Thai Language available in-game.

Q: How to change the language in the game?
A: Simply click the “Settings” button on the upper right, then click the language tab.

Q: How can I log in the game? 
A: Players can log in to the game via Facebook, Google+ and Guest.
Q: How can I adjust the sound of the game?
A: Sound can be adjusted in the “Settings” on the upper right of the main interface.

Q: How to report a bug? 
A: Support button is available in “Settings” just click the “Help and Support” button to be redirected to our official Facebook Page. From their, you can send your concern or bug via message.
A: You may also send us a ticket on the link below:

Q: How to redeem my Gift Code?
A: To redeem the code acquired from events simply click the “Settings>Support”, then click the Enter Code button to input the code.

Q: Can I watch the opening animation again?
A: To watch the opening animation, simply click the “Settings>Support”, then press the “Watch Animation Opening Again” button.

Q: How to change my character username?
A: Sorry to inform you that the “Rename” feature is not yet supported by the current game version.

Q: How can I Logout or Change Account Login?
A: Simply click the “Settings” button on the upper right interface, then press the “User Center” button below to access the “User Account” interface.

For other inquiries, simply comment on the comment section below.


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