Triplechain Mobile CBT Launch Events

TripleChain Mobile: Strategy Puzzle & RPG CBT No Wipe Out is finally open!

Check out these amazing five (5) events up for the CBT No Wipe Out Launch of TripleChain Mobile: Strategy & Puzzle RPG.

►Themed Gacha Event
This is the best chance to get a Cat Hero as a reward! Complete the event stages or go check the themed gacha kiosk.

Event period: 7.31.2019 - 8.29.2019

►Boss Raid Event
Obtain amazing rewards after killing the BOSS for the first time on the Boss Raid Dungeon.

► Login Stamina Event
Get some stamina now. All you need to do is Login during these time slots 08:00-10:00, 13:00-15:00, and 19:00-12:00 to get a Stamina as a reward.

Event Period: 7.31.2019 - Further Notice

►8 Days Soulstore Spree Event
Login daily to get a x100 Soul Stone as a reward.

Event Period: 7.31.2019 - 8.7.2019

►8 Days Rare Loot Event]
Log in daily to get an R weapon summon tickets as a reward.

Event Period: 8.8.2019 - 8.16.2019


Happy gaming~
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